Over thirty years of software development experience, mostly real-time embedded for the first twenty years and MS Windows development for the last ten.

Currently Principal Software Engineer at SRI International for a real-time video surveillance application used for defense and homeland security roles.

Also actively support websites RedDashboard.com, Cookappeal.com, ZombiePoetry.com including HTML and PHP development.  Currently developing Windows 8 Store style applications.


Recent Continuing Education:

Coursera: Software as a Services (SaaS) class, Ruby on Rails, Cucumber, RSpec. Certificate.

Udacity: Web Application Engineering - Building a Blog class, Python, Google App Engine. Certificate.

Microsoft: Windows 8 Developer Camp / Hackathon, built my first Windows 8 app

Intel: Ultrabook Application Lab

Philly .NET Code Camp, Spring and Fall 2012

Philly .NET C Sharpen Up

Microsoft  Code Camp NYC

API Hackday NYC.  Wrote a mashup C# / XAML Windows Store app with APIs from Twitter, NY Times and USA Today with content display and searching.  Might have polished up for release to Windows Store, but NY Times disallows commercial use of most of their API.